APODC has provided valuable support to NZ families since 1952. Help us extend our reach. BECOME A MEMBER OR RENEW ATTEND A FREE EVENT
APODC has provided valuable support to NZ families since 1952. Help us extend our reach. BECOME A MEMBER OR RENEW ATTEND A FREE EVENT
Help us reach more families, so they can receive much needed support, advice & connections. BECOME A MEMBER OR RENEW ATTEND A FREE EVENT
The sooner we connect with families, the better the outcome for deaf children.
Be a part of our community, and contribute to connected futures for deaf children, youth, and families.

Welcome to APODC

There are around 1,000 deaf children living in the Auckland area, including some with additional physical and learning difficulties. 90% of deaf children are born into hearing families, and the majority attend mainstream school, where they may be the only deaf child.

Deaf children face very real challenges associated with being in a world designed for hearing people. Communication difficulties and isolation are common experiences, which are also profoundly felt by families and whānau.

When deaf children, youth, and their families connect, things look very different. APODC helps them connect and provides social activities, support, advice and parental education.  Please help us reach more families of deaf children, so they too can receive our support.

Family Social Events

We offer a bi-monthly program of social events, including family camp, to bring families and whānau together so they can enjoy quality time together, and access peer support. All are welcome here!…


We use our networks to plan information sessions each year, where parents and caregivers can find out about topics that are important to them. Resources our catalogued on the online library so that families can find the information that they need, when they need to find it…

APODC runs a program for youth aged 12 years and up, providing opportunities to develop confidence and explore identity. Youth enjoy building relationships with peers, and older role models. APODC also runs regular coffee groups for those with young deaf children…

We partner with lots of other organisations including, Advisors on Deaf Children, Kelston Deaf Education Centre, and Auckland Deaf Society, so that parents and caregivers can access other supports, without having to hunt!…


If you have any questions relating to raising a deaf child, we will do our best to find information through the APODC network. We also advocate on issues important to deaf kids, youth and their families and whānau…


APODC offers a one-off scholarship to full members, attending secondary school to help them achieve something important to them. We can also link you to funding via Deaf Children New Zealand, and other sources….

What's On


Bringing families together to build positive nurturing relationships, with special activities just for them

Jewellery Making

Proposed Date:  January (exact date TBC)

Location:  Albany Village

Join us for a creative event hosted by one of our talented parents who runs her own jewellery business. Get ready to craft one-of-a-kind hearing aid charms, pendants, earrings, and other delightful charms.

You could make that perfect gift you’ve been searching for or, treat yourself to something beautiful. Unleash your artistic spirit, personalize your accessories, and make meaningful pieces that celebrate the beauty of individuality.

QuirkyPieces by Iman


Football Skills

Proposed Date:  February (exact date TBC)

Location:  TBC

Elevate your football game with a dynamic skills session led by our dedicated youth mentor, David. Join us for a fun-packed training experience where you’ll hone your soccer skills, improve your technique, and develop a winning mindset.

All ages are welcome! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this session promises to plenty of fun for all. Come ready to learn, sweat, and, most importantly, have a blast on the field with fellow football enthusiasts!

What to wear: Comfortable clothes and sneakers. This will be an active session so be prepared to run around!