Volunteer with APODC

Our organisation exists because of the generous support of volunteers who willingly give of their time, knowledge, and skills to further our cause. 

APODC enjoys connecting with more families and whānau each year. In 2022 we reached over 150 members! In order to keep pace with the growing membership, we need more volunteers who we can call upon to help out. 

Can you help?

We are currently looking for people with skills in the following areas (click on the cross to read about each item):

APODC provides events each month, so that families and whānau can connect with one another, and access information on topics that are important to them. Events commonly take place on Sunday’s. We need 2 hosts at each event to make sure that they run smoothly, and families have a point of connection. Tasks include:

  • Meeting and greeting attendees, and making them feel welcome
  • Checking all names off on the register
  • Providing membership forms to new families 
  • Connecting new families with Committee members and interpreters. There are usually 1 or 2 Committee members at each event, and interpreters whenever needed
  • Letting families know about facilities at the venue
  • Advise families of any special scheduled items eg AGM.
  • Hosts remain for the duration of the event (usually 2-3 hours), making sure that families have a point of contact throughout, and ensuring that numbers have been counted for billing purposes.
  • Give and collect completed feedback forms
  • Let people know about the next event
  • Ask new families if they have any questions, or requests for further information (to be passed on to the APODC Coordinator).

We are looking for someone to manage, update, and moderate social media, and feeds on our website. We currently use Facebook, and will look to expand to Instagram in the future. We need someone who understands how to moderate social media to it’s best effect.

APODC provides members with a monthly newsletter to tell whānau about  events, and to provide other information updates. We are looking for someone who is familiar with Mailchimp, and who has a keen eye for detail, to compose the newsletter each month. If you enjoy making information look visually appealing, and easy to read, we would love to hear from you.


If you stand behind our cause, and are interested in volunteering with APODC, please register here.

Become a member

You may become a Full Member of APODC if you live in the Auckland regional area and are either: a family with a deaf or hearing impaired child of any age OR
a deaf or hearing impaired child that has not yet left compulsory education If you do not meet these criteria, you can become an Associate Member.